Class Descriptions

Group classes

Various levels from beginners to advanced. Starting with the core principles and applying them to the Pilates repertoire of movement with flow and concentration.

Barre Plus Classes

A fun fusion, small group class done to music that incorporates upper body work, pilates mat work and a lot of focus on legs and bums. Tone and sculpt the body with isometric movements and have fun doing so. Not for those who want an easy relaxing class!

Circuit Pilates Classes

These classes are Intermediate/Advanced and require you have a good understanding of the Core Principles. This class moves dynamically through Pilates ‘sets’ with the use of some equipment, interspersed with short bursts of cardio. Great for toning, firming and weightloss!

Postnatal Pilates Classes

Get back in touch with the core muscles working to regain strength, control and muscle support after pregnancy. Please contact for more information.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

These classes focus on working the deep supportive muscles of the core, specifically the pelvic floor and deep abdominals as well as gentle but effective upper and lower body strengthening , all of which can help with posture and support during and after pregnancy. Stretching is also a very important part of this class as various muscle groups in the body are prone to tighten quite significantly during pregnancy. Class numbers are kept small.


This is the best way to get a good grasp on the core principles as well as deal with any specific body imbalances, illnesses or injuries. Your first session will include a free body assessment, followed by a class tailored to your bodies needs. Discount applies to a course of six one-to-one’s booked.

Christina Fulcher Teaching Pilates