About Pilates

Pilates is a movement system that includes a floor/mat series (as well as an equipment series that uses specifically designed spring-driven machines) to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration. Pilates was developed by Mr Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) in the early 1900’s and was first called ‘Contrology’, which gives a clear indication of what Mr Pilates’ intentions were for the work!

The main focus of Pilates is on core strengthening, the core being the muscles in the trunk of your body – your back and abdominal muscles connecting from the pelvis into the rib cage and diaphragm. Most movements of the body can and should activate these muscles.

Using breathwork and flow of movement correctly, Pilates works on overall stability and balance of the body.

From the beginning you should be taught the core principles, which includes knowing how to breath correctly to activate these core muscles.

The core principles

  1. Breathing correctly – How to stimulate and enhance the core muscles to work more effectively. (Posterior lateral breath)
  2. Stabilization – How to stabilize the pelvic and shoulder girdle to be able to work the muscles correctly and efficiently.
  3. Concentration and Control – How to be aware of your bodies movement and move in the right way.
  4. Full range of motion – How to increase your range of movement without compromising the integrity of the movement.
  5. Balance – How to work towards symmetry of opposing muscle groups as well as balancing the differences on opposite sides of the body.