Last day of conference - Day 4

When I went to bed last night, I wasn't feeling too good and waking up this morning with the same nausea doesn't bode well...however after a cup of green tea (luckily a starbucks in the hotel lobby helps me out) and a couple of grapes and I start to feel more human again! Luckily a cllass is not starting my day but a seminar. So the 2 seminars of the day are 'Pilates for the mature demographic' with Teresa Maldonado Marchok and 'Lifelong Pilates and the body & Pilates plus psyche' by the incredible Mary Bowen and are one after the other. Again both of these seminars are of interest to me because of how I can apply them to my own clients and practice and I came away from them feeling so inspired. Just having a break for lunch now (finally able to eat properly after the nausea has mostly gone) before the grand finale of the conference....my class of the day.... 'Matapolooza'! This class is a class for everyone attending the conference and being jointly taught by 5/6 great teachers, it will last an hour and a half. Really looking forward to it...but until then I shall sit in the amazing hotel lobby watching the black swans glide around the water feature (really!)

Posted by Christina on: Saturday, November 05, 2011