A day of rest back in LA - Day 5

I was just about to take the 'Matapalooza' class when I last left you and what a class it was!

Over 300 people taught in the same room by five fantastic teachers: Deborah Lessen, Michelle Larson, Rael Isacowitz, Jillian Hessel and Brent Anderson. What an experience, and the only way i can explain it is this; it's like being at a football game and everyone is cheering for the same team, a sense of unity and camaraderie because everyone is there for the same reason. There were points when it was challenging but that, for me, only makes a class better. After being taught for an hour and a half we were asked to come to our feet for a standing meditation. As we all closed our eyes and listened to the guidance, we were told to become aware of the ankles and then tap the left foot towards the right. Following that, raise the right arm up towards the ceiling....then out of no where music was turned on and we found that we had actually been tricked in to dancing. 300+ people all dancing! What an amazing way to finish the conference. I have photos which I will post on my return.

So Sunday has become the day of rest for me here in LA! I was shattered when I returned from the conference last night and still not feeling 100%, so I decided to listen to my body and let it have some time off, knowing that I will be pushing it when I get to New York in a few days!

The days activities went something like this, far too early wake up (please go away jet lag), followed by a lazy morning. Then on to the movies at The Grove (I love this place, but Santa's house up at the beginning of November?). To finish me off, a trip to The Beverly Hills Hot Springs (the only natural Springs in LA). This was a great way to end my day with a massage and dip in the oh so relaxing springs...while spotting few famous faces!

In bed at 8.30pm ready for sleep...what a rock star I am!

Posted by Christina on: Monday, November 07, 2011