Hello NEW YORK! - Day 8

I love New York. Although arriving at 5am in the morning off my flight from LA wasn't the sparkliest start to my morning.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining and I am very happy to be here. I am staying with my dear friend Benjamin Degenhardt (www.benjamindegenhardt.com) who has been teaching Pilates as long as I have, so he is joining me on my quest to try some new classes. I love to have a partner in crime!

So after going to a meeting early this morning myself, Benny and his partner decided to try Yamuna Body Rolling as it something we all had heard about but none of us had done it.

The idea behind it is that, using a ball placed under the body, we are able to use our weight as traction, allowing movement and release on the ball. After my two classes yesterday I was starting to feel that I had used my body and the muscles were shouting rather loudly, so the idea of releasing them and stretching out was really very appealing!

The studio is in the west village and is their flagship studio. It was a very quiet studio, probably because we were taking a class at midday, but there was a serenity to it. We were all given a selection of balls of various sizes and colours to use for different exercises. The teacher was a lady called Patricia and she led us through the exercises with clear concise instruction and a breakdown of why we were doing each one. If felt good and in parts very painful due my tired and tight muscles, but good pain that felt like it was easing my body.

My body felt a little more tension free afterwards and ready for some food! Which led me nicely in to LUNCH!

Posted by Christina on: Wednesday, November 09, 2011