New York Daze - 9, 10, 11 & 12

It is fair to say that I packed a lot in to my time in new York and as per usual there was not enough time to do everything that I wanted to! It always feels like I over schedule myself every time but, as I always say I have learnt from this experience and will try and tone it down a bit next time....(sure, sure!) So Thursday was my second day in New York and I finally slept a little later than 5am, yahoo! I was ready to go and take New York! I started by catching up with a friend before taking a bikram yoga class in the flatiron district. No stranger to Bikram in london, I have also taken class in new york when visiting before however this was a studio that I had not been to before. Bikram yoga studios tend to follow a certain format but vary in their presentation, this one had a lovely light and airy feeling to it with views of the flatiron building out the window. Although I have taken Bikram many times, I thoroughly enjoyed this one because I felt like the teacher was very attentive to everyone in the room and I personally learnt a little more about my practice! Thurs afternoon/evening was spent catching up with people. Friday started with a Pilates class at 8am and what a great way to start! It was class at Real Pilates owned by Alycea Ungaro a Pilates great! The class was called Reformer for mat and taught by Daniel Lyon. This guy was upbeat and fun (great for an 8am class) but really knew his stuff! He's the author of a book called Pilates for men, I haven't read it, but have heard good things about it. It was a 45 min class, which was just right and I felt great after it, so after a bit of breakfast I was ready to shop! That afternoon I did another Bikram class at the same studio as the day before and felt like my body thanked me for it after! I rewarded myself for the two classes by having a lovely dinner out with some great friends. On Saturday morning I had booked myself on to my friends Pilates Tower class. Benjamin teaches at a studio called Henry St Pilates in Brooklyn. It was a lovely little studio with seven towers and that was it (nothing else would have fit!). A tower is a piece of equipment used in Pilates that is fixed on to a wall or can be free standing. It kind of looks like a bit of basic scaffolding with springs, straps and bars attached to it! It stands right in front of a raised mat. The class was great for me for two reasons, I love taking class taught by a fellow instructor and great friend but also because I have not worked on the tower before. I always feel that in my field of work the more you learn about different modalities, especially the ones that you are not used to working with, the more knowledge/information you gain to help your clients. The class not only felt great for my body and was taught by a fabulous teacher, but also left me wanting to learn more about working on the tower...watch this space! So that was it regarding classes. Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with friends who had flown in from Pittsburg and was a lovely way to spend my last night in the city. My last day was supposed to be sunday, spent having a lovely get together with family in Queens, which it was, but it ended up not being my last day! I am still in NYC! After spending 3 hrs on the plane last night it was cancelled due to technical issues! So I am writing from a hotel at the airport. On my way to the airport in five mins...departing take 2!

Posted by Christina on: Monday, November 14, 2011