Barre Pilates

Apolgies for being so slack on updating my blog. I have no good excuses other than being incredibly busy and working on some exciting prospects for my business (watch this space!). I will try to keep my blog updated, but for now I wanted to shout about the Barre Pilates classes I have been teaching.

This class is a fun fusion class that combines, upper body strengthening, pilates mat work as well as plenty of time at the Barre to work the legs and bum. Great for toning and strengthening the whole body.

This class, unlike my other Pilates classes, is done to music and I am currently working on some new fun and funky playlists to get everyone inspired!

The clients I have doing the classes at the moment are loving it so much that they all want to do more classes. Therefore I am adding a few new classes, but if you are interested in a spot you better book it quickly as, with only four spaces per class, they will go quickly!

See you at the Barre

Posted by Christina on: Sunday, May 06, 2012