USA trip - California Day 2

Coming back to where i left off. I did my first Kundalini yoga class yesterday at the Golden Bridge studio. Firstly lets talk about the studio, it was lovely! We walked in to the building via their cafe, which had the most tempting smells wafting from it, lots of veggie/vegan home made food to devour after class! We paid for the class and went thru in to a large high ceilinged hard wood floor studio, very inviting and light. The class itself was taught by a lady named Tej Kaur Khalsa, who allegedly is the lady who has spear headed the Kundilini yoga practice and teacher training in California. Kundilini, unlike the other types of yoga I've done, wasn't so much about dynamic physicality (as I mentioned yesterday). We started with breathing exercises and chanting and that seemed to be a focus throughout the class, with the chanting being done to music. Some of the exercises included chanting with movements, often repeated for between 5-10mins! As with alot of classes, I think you get the most out of them when you can close your eyes and just focus on what's going on with you rather than anyone else in the room, which isn't always easy when you dont know the movements or the chants, but I did my best! I came away from the class feeling really relaxed and centered and so rewarded myself with a yummy protein power smoothie! Moving on to today...well, no surprise, I am officially jet lagged! So I had a bit of a lazy morning and decided that I would do another yoga class before hitting Pilates hard from tomorrow. We went back to Golden Bridge for an express Kundalini class taught by a guy called Oliver, but had time for a quick and healthy soup & salad combo first. delicious. I have to say I enjoyed today's class more than yesterday, probably because I knew what to expect and I was able to focus a little more. After the class I went for a massage to try and iron out some of the kinks in my spine from traveling before heading off to desert springs for the PMA conference. I had hoped to register for the conference late afternoon, but unfortunately my predicted journey of just over 2 hours took over 4 hours!!! I didnt realize that rush hour is pretty much an all day affair in LA! Ah well, probably a good thing that I am now in my hotel room, exhausted, ready for sleep instead of up chatting....all that I'll be ready for tomorrow!

Posted by Christina on: Friday, November 04, 2011