Desert Springs - Day 3

Wow! I had planned to get up at 6am to get ready for my 7am registration time at the conference hotel today, but unfortunately my body clock is working on a different time zone! A 4am start makes the day ahead feel incredibly long, but on this occasion I was inspired by all the learning I was going to be doing that it is only now, at 6pm, that I feel absolutely shattered and ready to collapse! I should mention that the hotel is an amazing setting for the conference, with lots of space and light, perfect for a Pilates! After registering at 7am, a spot of breakfast was called for to energise my body, not only for the day ahead, but also for my class of the day. The class started at 7.45am (no hanging around here) and was taught by a lady called Cari Rees Stemler. It was an intermediate mat class and a great start to the day, incorporating stretches to warm the body, with all the hardwork of Pilates! I really liked the feeling of the class as well as the flow thru the movement, which is always important to me. Following the class there was a bit of downtime to enjoy a bit of retail therapy at the conference sponsors stands before the seminars of the day began. The two seminars that I attended today were 'Business skills, savvy, and strategies for a thriving Pilates business' by Carol Appel and the second was 'First educate the child' by Brett Howard & Celeste Zopich. Both were very informative and incredibly interesting, especially the first with my current focus of opening my own studio!

Posted by Christina on: Saturday, November 05, 2011