"Let me start by saying Pilates is tricky but once you understand and learn exactly what it is your body needs to do its amazing! Christina has a way of teaching you that is easy to understand and you feel comfortable in her classes, you can see her passion and how much she loves Pilates with every lesson.  I have always suffered with a bad back, then 3 years ago I was diagnosed with scoliosis.  After speaking to an Orthopaedic Doctor, who scared me nearly to death, I thought I was going to be in a wheel chair at 30!  I met Christina and she has changed my life and thinking of my back condition.  After having one-on-one sessions for the last 9 months my posture has improved dramatically, I'm no longer in pain and I can cycle, run and do all the things that 3 years ago I couldn't,  I still have a lot more to do to help myself but with Christina in my corner I know I'll win the fight. I would recommend Christina to anyone that wants to feel fantastic when they thought all hope was lost for them and their injuries. I look forward to every lesson and the new challenges I face in the future."

Helen Green (July 2013)

"Christina is quite simply an excellent teacher. She is clear, supportive and encouraging. Her only fault is being very slim, tall and pretty, having no internal organs that restrict her movements like the rest of us mere mortals! Wonderful class, try her."

Susana Haey (Aug 2012)


"I started going to Pilates with Christina having begun classes elsewhere which I really was not getting on with.

Christina is extremely thorough with her teaching. Before each set of movements, she clearly demonstrates the exercise, showing how they should be done, with explanations on the purpose of the exercise together with demonstrations of how not to do the move. She is constantly checking to ensure that students do the exercises properly and helps to correct positions when necessary.

Having got off to a dubious start, Christina has enabled me to get back to Pilates with confidence and understanding. I now look forward to and enjoy each session in the knowledge that I am being guided by an excellent teacher and would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of starting or looking for a new Pilates class.

Sessions are relaxed and friendly, but with a clear aim to advance well being through good practice in Pilates."

Louise Hastings (12/01/11)


"My quest for a dynamic Pilates instructor came to an end 18 months ago when I was introduced to Christina.

At last I had found a dynamic instructor who had a true passion & expertise of Pilates in its truest form.

I started to have one to one sessions with Christina & quickly saw my muscles becoming longer, leaner & stronger. Her way of teaching breaks down this practice into an achievable form & is completely bespoke to your own bodily needs.

The past 12 weeks I have been so fortunate to have been taught by Christina twice a week. Once for an hour of traditional mat work the other for a fusion of Pilates with short cardio bursts.

The results of which I am astounded by! Not being able to slog it out on the treadmill anymore I have found a discipline that quite literally has transformed my body.

I have regained my running fitness levels; have ballet-esque arms & abs that I am happy to flaunt.

All that with a total weight loss of 10 lbs in the 12 weeks.

Thank you Christina for being true to Pilates & for making me never want to get off the Pilates wagon."

Louise Thomas-Minns - Skin Therapist


"Having suffered for years with headaches and neck pain, I was recommended to try pilates as it was thought a lot of my problems were posture related. I found Christina to be an excellent instructor – she explains things clearly and concisely. Classes with her are hard work but very rewarding

Although they may seem expensive, private classes are excellent value. Imagine a program set to your individual needs and concentrating on any problem areas you may have, with your own instructor standing by to encourage and point out any problems. Don’t expect them to be easy though, Christina will make you work hard – but the rewards make it all worthwhile."

Kathy Kinsey, Norwich


"I find Christina's pilates classes instructive, very informative with the right balance of work and fun Pilates with Christina has improved my posture, my balance and general well being"

Sheelagh Rogers


"Christina, I hope you realise just what you have given me over this last year, having joined your classes just 6 weeks after having spinal fusion and not actually believing that my body could ever function properly again, just a year later I am amazed at what I can do (even though I still have a long way to go!). This is thanks to your patience, knowledge, support, encouragement and the enthusiasm you have for Pilates"

Tracey Harris, Norwich

"I have had a long standing back problem for over 20 years. Christina's pilates classes have helped me enormously. Christina has taught me how to use my core muscles. Her classes are excellent. Every move is clearly explained and although I am not able to carry out all the exercises perfectly Christina is very encouraging and supportive. She has always got time to listen if I have any problems with the exercises. I cannot imagine life now without Christina's pilates classes"

Jean Blake